Group Scout Leader

Wyesham at census this year Wyesham was the largest Group with a youth membership alone of 108.

Wyesham serves the town of Monmouth with a population of around 10,000 and has potential to be even larger.The Group is thriving and is supported by a fantastic gaggle of dynamic Leaders all committed to providing the very best opportunities Scouting has to offer. Wyesham’s Executive Committee are extremely experienced and supportive of the GSL and Leadership Team and are keen to see the Group go from strength to strength.

The closing date for application is 27th July 2019 at 5pm, so you have two weeks to contact me and discuss the roles with me. I can also provide role descriptions upon request.

Obviously I and the District Team offer our full support to candidates and successful applicants at all times.

Selection processes will take place during week commencing 12th August 2019 (subject to change).

Yours In Scouting

Dave Carlyon
District Commissioner

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