Just a quick note ref external first aid courses. Whilst we love that employers may fund EFAW at courses (which is great) and some groups may pull in external providers to run courses (again great) we are seeing a lot of the below appearing (and similar), whilst this may tick all the boxes for workplace sadly for scouting it leaves a few gaps that need filling. If any of the TA’s / Pat are presented with A EFAW certificate they should not automatically validate Mod 10.

Hampshire Scouts have a number of HQ approved conversion e-learnings (links below) which allow us to validate the learning.. (someone somewhere will likely pick up on my terminology)

Completed a first aid certificate outside of Scouting? Just complete a short e-learning to cover the remaining topics needed for First Response:

To avoid the heartache and pain if anyone wishes to submit a EFAW or similar for validation against Mod 10 please can you make sure you’ve completed the conversion course as well.. If in doubt please reach out and we can offer guidance.

If your group opts to run its own First Response – First Aid please make sure all of the necessary criteria are covered, content required in the link below.

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