Beavers are currently our youngest members. They usually meet together for about an hour a week. They enjoy all that Scouting has to offer; being introduced to outdoor activities, having the opportunity to be creative, explore their local community and experience the excitement of a Beaver Scout Sleepover with their friends

Easily recognised by their distinctive turquoise sweatshirts, Beaver Scouts enjoy making friends, playing games, going on visits and helping others.

The Beaver Scout Promise

All Beaver Scouts  undertake the Beaver Promise which is a simpler version of the Scout Promise:

I promise to do my best,
To be kind and helpful
and to love God.

Alternative promise

Scouting is available to people of all faiths as well as people who are humanist, atheist or have no affirmed faith and therefore must therefore take account of the different religious obligations or non religious beliefs of its Members.

Similarly, people of other nationalities resident in the United Kingdom, who may become Members of the Association, owe allegiance to their own Country. To meet these circumstances, there are different variations of the Beaver Scout, Cub Scout and Scout Promise that can be made, allowing for the individuals obligations while upholding the essential spirit of the Promise

The Beaver Scout Law

There is no formal Beaver Scout Law. The concepts expressed in the Scout Law are to be presented to Beaver Scouts through games, storytelling and other informal activities.

The Beaver Scout Motto

The Beaver Scouts share the general Scout motto of Be Prepared.

Activity Badges

Many of the badges available are activity badges, these are designed for Beaver Scouts to show their progress in existing pursuits, but also to give them the chance to try new things and form new interests.

Challenge Awards

These are designed to be that bit more ambitious.  They may involve completing tasks at the group, in the community or maybe even at home. The badges follow a number of themes, some are physical, some are more outdoors, whilst others are about the community or the world in which we all live. They are as the name suggests, designed to challenge young people, but completing them is a great achievement.

Activity Packs

Some of our badges are sponsored by outside organisations.  Some of these organisations provide resource packs to enable young people to work through the badge and make it easier for them to know how they are getting on with them.

Chief Scout’s Award

The Chief Scout’s Bronze Award is the highest award which can be gained by Beaver Scouts. In order to attain it, Beavers must have completed six Challenge Awards and four Activity badges by the time they are ready to move on to Cubs. They can, if necessary complete this in the early stages of being in the Cubs section.