Thanks Badge

The Thanks Badge may be a suitable local thank you for a short-term valuable piece of work or a longer-term commitment.

The Thanks Badge can be awarded to adults who are either members of the Scouts or non-members but can also be awarded to a young person if the occasion warrants it.

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Commissioner’s Commendation

The Commissioner’s Commendation is a local award that can be used by any commissioners to recognise adult and youth members and non-members for their contribution to the Scouts.

Commissioner’s Commendation

This award carries no set criteria and is illustrated by a purple knot. This award is worn in the same location on the uniform as other adult awards.

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Good Service Awards

To be awarded a Good Service Award the nominee must meet the following criteria which apply to all awards:

  • The Good Service Awards are open to any adult who holds an adult appointment as a member or associate member of the Scouts.
  • They must have completed the correct length of service for the award.
  • They must have completed any mandatory training relevant to their role (or be within three years of appointment of the role/s).
  • They must hold a valid disclosure (if required).
  • They must not have received a Good Service award in the last 5 years.
  • They must hold the correct previous award (if relevant).

1. The Chief Scout’s Commendation for Good Service

Awarded in respect of not less than 5 years good service, which stands out. It should be regarded as the Chief Scout’s recognition of the very real contribution made to the Scouts by the individual concerned.

2. The Award For Merit

Awarded for outstanding service. It implies keen, conscientious, imaginative and dedicated service over a sustained period, of at least 12 years duration (exceptionally 10).

3. The Bar to The Award For Merit

Awarded after at least five years of further outstanding service after receiving the Award for Merit.

4. The Silver Acorn

Awarded after at least 20 years’ service, which should be specially distinguished and appreciably better than outstanding.

Awards for Gallantry

The Gilt Cross

Awarded for gallantry in circumstances of moderate risk.

The Silver Cross

Awarded for gallantry in circumstances of considerable risk.

The Bronze Cross

Awarded for special heroism or action in the face of extraordinary risk.

Awards for Meritorious Conduct

Chief Scout’s Commendation for Meritorious Conduct

Awarded for meritorious conduct of a high standard

Medal of Meritorious Conduct

Awarded for meritorious conduct of an exceptionally high standard

The Cornwell Scout Badge

The Cornwell Scout Badge is awarded in respect of pre-eminently high character and devotion to duty, together with great courage and endurance.

It is restricted to Beaver Scouts, Cub Scouts, Scouts, Explorer Scouts and Scout Network Members. Both the bronze badge and the cloth emblem of the same design may be worn.

John ‘Jack’ Travers Cornwell, a Scout in the St. Mary’s Mission Group, Manor Park, London, entered the Royal Navy in 1915. It was wartime and training was brief, but Jack, helped by his days in Scouting, was able to adapt quickly.

On 31 May 1916 while serving in HMS Chester, Jack was struck by a shell splinter. Grievously wounded, he stayed at his post awaiting orders until he was relieved at the end of the battle. On reaching port, Jack was transferred to a hospital in Grimsby and three days later he died a national hero.

For gallantry, he was given both the Victoria Cross and the highest Scouting award, the Bronze Cross. To commemorate the courage shown by Jack, The Scout Association created ‘The Cornwell Scout Badge’ in his memory.

Chief Scout’s Personal Award

The Chief Scout’s Personal Award is awarded by the Chief Scout, in consultation with the Awards Board to recognise achievement not covered by the criteria for any other awards.