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Board of Trustees

The MonScouts Board of Trustees shapes and approves our local strategy.

The District Executive Committee plays a vital role in the running of a Scout District. Executive Committees make decisions and carry out administrative tasks to ensure that the resources are available so that the best quality Scouting can be delivered in the District.

The Executive Committee exists to support the District Commissioner in meeting the responsibilities of their appointment.

Members of the Executive Committee acts collectively as charity trustees of the Scout District, and in the best interests of its members.

Lloyd Fennell

Ex-officio Member

District Commissioner

Elliot Smart

Nominated by the DC

Chair of the Executive Committee

Richard Quick

Elected Member


Madeline Quick

Elected Member


Lee Philpot

Ex-officio Member

District Explorer Scout Commissioner

Alex Hawkins

Ex-officio Member

District Scout Network Commissioner

Peth Watkins

Ex-officio Member

District Youth Commissioner (Southern)

Ceri Carlyon

Elected Member

Chris Munslow

Elected Member

Pat Hillman

Elected Member

Dot Munslow

Elected Member

Andrew Lewis

Elected Member

Richard Baker

Elected Member

Bethanine Headworth

Elected Member

Deb Bainbridge

Elected Member

Ellie Fordham

Ex-officio Member

District Youth Commissioner (Northern)

Responsibilities for the Executive include:

  • Complying with the Policy, Organisation and Rules of The Scout Association.
  • Protecting and maintaining any property and equipment owned by and/or used by the District.
  •  Managing the District finances.
  •  Providing insurance for people, property and equipment.
  •  Providing sufficientresources for Scouting to operate. This includes, but is not limited to, supporting recruitment, other adult support, and fundraising activities.
  • Promoting and support the development of Scouting in the local area.
  •  Managing and implement the Safety Policy locally.
  •  Ensuring that a positive image of Scouting exists in the local community.
  • Appointing and managing the operation of any sub- Committees, including appointing Chairs to lead the sub-Committees.
  • Ensuring that Young People are meaningfully involved in decision making at all levels within the District.


Interested in Joining?

Becoming a Charity Trustee looks great on a CV and is a great way to assist the movement if being a leader maybe isn’t for you.

The District Executive is formed/elected each year at our Annual General Meeting. We are always looking for new members of all ages from diverse backgrounds. If you would be interested in becoming a trustee please get in touch.